Friendly Fires - Chimes Stuff I listen to

영국 인디밴드 Friendly Fires
두번째 앨범 Pala중에서 아끼는 노래중의 하나
현란한 Ed Mcfarlane 골반돌리기를 라이브로 보면 자동으로 팬이 됨
콘서트 끝나고 Jack Savidge 콘서트장 밖에서 봤는데 완전 잘생겼음 Ed의 꽃미모에 캐뭍힐뿐. 실제로 보면 잘생긴 코알라임..

Long lost, cab rides
Through the city that I love
All the place you tearing up
Movement, pulled in
And the records that they play
Never touched you the same way
Climbing the stairs
Out from the club
Kissing the light
Missing your love
Up to the streets
With you on my mind
The war starts again
But you'll never be mine
I want you more, I can't help but want you more
I can't stop chasing your love


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